2019 (ongoing) The Research

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The current aims of my research are to discover the direct impact

digital, photo and social media is having on the physical artwork.  My research aims to

look extensively at artists and artworks where the photograph or digital visual media

isn’t an integral part of the work. Are the pressures of acute self-awareness,

widespread global images and instant and constant contact with art critics and

viewers alike impacting the artists practices and in turn the artwork itself? The

research will aim to identify the artist conscious and subconscious changes in

practice to accommodate and respond to social media.  It will also look at the artists

reasoning and types of workflow with regards to social media, the pressures and

requirements placed upon the artist to engage with digital social practices, for self-

promotion and other reasoning. The research will look at how social media is sharing

and curating artwork, in order to relate this to the artists practice. Overall the main

aim will be to test if social media is having an impact on modern contemporary

artwork by examination of the artists’ own response.

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